What are the 2020 VA Aid and Attendance Pension Rates?

As indicated below, the maximum monthly pension payable to a married veteran in need of Aid and Attendance is now $2,266 per month. The maximum monthly payment to a surviving spouse is now $1,229.

These monthly payments are tax-free money to be used by the veteran or surviving spouse as they see fit, though it is most often used to help pay for in-home, assisted living, or nursing home costs.

Qualifying for this VA Pension can make a dramatic difference in the veteran or surviving spouse’s ability to pay for the daily support they need to stay safe and out of the nursing home.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - 2020 VA Pension Rates

If you know a wartime veteran or a surviving spouse of a wartime veteran, make sure they know about this program by sending them a link to the Golowin Legal VA Aid and Attendance page.

Here is a table showing the 2020 VA Aid and Attendance Pension Rates:

 Maximum Allowable Pension Rate (MAPR)Approx. Monthly Benefit
Veteran (Basic Pension with no dependent)$13,752$1,146
Veteran (Basic Pension with one dependent)$18,008$1,501
Veteran (Housebound with no dependent)$16,805$1,400
Veteran (Housebound with one dependent)$21,063$1,755
Veteran (Aid and Attendance with no dependent)$22,939$1,912
Veteran (Aid and Attendance with one dependent)$27,195$2,266
Each additional child$2,351$196

Surviving Spouse (Basic Pension with no dependent)$9,224$769
Surviving Spouse (Housebound with no dependent)$10,273$856
Surviving Spouse (Aid and Attendance with no dependent)$14,742$1,229
Surviving child$2,351$196

Veteran Married to Veteran (Both Aid and Attendance)$36,387$3,032

Click here if you need to order military discharge papers because the original has been lost. Then, I suggest you record the certified copy with the County Recorder’s Office, which is free in Ohio.

To get help determining if you are or can become eligible for VA Aid and Attendance Pension, or if you need assistance filing a claim, please contact VA Accredited Attorney Russell Golowin at (614) 453-5208 today.

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