Receiving client testimonials and reviews feels great. Here are a few of our favorites:

“I first heard Russ Golowin speak about estate planning at a State Teachers Retirement System meeting. His relaxed yet thoroughly knowledgeable presentation convinced me that he was the person to re-do my wife’s and my present will and to wisely plan for our estate planning, even though his office is quite far from where we live. Russ helped us create our wills and powers of attorney, as well as all our health care directives. He was expertly prepared for every meeting we had with him. Considering the number of times he met with us, and all the behind-the-scenes things he accomplished for us, I feel his one-time fee is quite reasonable. Russ really put our minds at rest regarding our estate planning.” – Robert R.

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“Russ was wonderful! He made certain that we understood clearly. He encouraged everyone to make educated decisions based on our personal experiences. His level of professionalism and interest in the rights and concerns of people inspired tremendous confidence in his ability to guide each of us to make important decisions. It would be worth a trip to Columbus to work with Russ on a personal level. Thank you for this wonderful educational opportunity.” – Barbara G.

“Mr. Golowin gave a clear and concise presentation. He was well prepared. I appreciated the handout we received and the slide presentation. It made note taking easy. Mr. Golowin is a true professional and a true asset to his profession. I enjoyed this program very much! P.S. I liked Mr. Golowin’s examples and injection of humor. He could be an excellent teacher, but I don’t think he would like the pay scale.” – Patricia L.

“As an attorney myself, I realized the importance of getting our estate planning updated, but it was something my husband and I were dreading on a personal level. However, Russ made it an enjoyable straightforward process. He prepared our wills, as well as durable healthcare and general power of attorney documents, quickly and accurately. He impressed us with his legal knowledge and entertained us with his humor. We will definitely continue to use him for any necessary updates related to our estate planning needs.” – Becky M.

“Russ helped my wife and I create our first estate plan. Having never gone through this processes, Russ quickly guided us through the various options, clearly explaining the differences between various choices. He helped us create a will, a power of attorney, our health care power of attorneys, and helped us avoid the big mistakes that can be made in naming guardians for our children. It is a great relief to know that if something were to happen to my wife or I, everything is in place to make sure our children will be supported and surrounded by loved ones through the whole process.” – Richard B.

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