Do you need to know how to get a death certificate in Franklin County?

Death certificates are needed to open a probate estate, to transfer accounts with named beneficiaries, to appoint successor trustees, and more. When someone dies, the funeral home will usually take care of ordering several death certificates, but if you run out, you might need to get another one or two.

If you are located near downtown Columbus, it will be quickest (and least expensive) to go in person to 240 Parsons Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43215 to order and pick up the certified copies of the death certificate. Other options include ordering a death certificate by mail, by phone at (614) 645-7331, or even online at (most expensive).

How To Get A Death Certificate in Franklin County


  1. Complete the Death Certificate Walk-In or Mail Application form.
  2. Take the completed form to the “Cashier” window
  3. Pay the Cashier $25 for each certified copy
  4. Take the payment receipt the Cashier gives you to the “Drop Off” window.

Once you give the payment receipt to the Drop Off window, it will usually take a few minutes for the certified copies to be made, but you can receive them the same day.

You will need to provide as much of the following information as possible to complete the death certificate application form:

  1. First, middle, and last name of the deceased
  2. City, Village, or Township where deceased resided
  3. Date of death
  4. Funeral home that handled the arrangements
  5. Your name, address, phone number, and your relationship to the decedent

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